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“Investing in our patrons to make their lives Unbelievably Great is what we do. We help our patrons Stop Doing The Work They Don’t Get Paid For.  We Increase Their Freedom, Create More Jobs, and Enhance Everyone’s American Dream.”

-Christopher J. Cseh, Founder

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Millicent Pond community

918 S Nyssa Pl, Broken Arrow, OK 74012

“Everything we do at Patriot is to inspire our patrons.  With more than 15 years in New Construction & Design, I love helping each client matriculate through their Design process, to help ensure they are creating a beautiful and functionally designed home.  Each custom opportunity is different, and that is what makes building with Patriot Home Building a valued, and unique experience.  Come to any of our models, and see WHY!”

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“We believe so whole heartedly that our homes bring families together, we created the Patriot Inner Circle VIP Community to facilitate this.

You don’t just become one with my family, you become family with every patron we have with your FREE Membership in the P.I.C. VIP Community!”